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Successful studying is an acquired skill. Unfortunately many learners do not develop these skills. As the new revised curricula require learners to play an active role in their study and assessment, it is essential that they really know how to study effectively.

World Wide Education supports SAMI, a dynamic educational institution. Their learning system can equip your child with valuable skills in how to study effectively, as well as how to apply the principles in an educational environment. We believe successful study – at whatever level – depends on the development of specific skills which any person can master, if the necessary assistance is given.

All their courses have been compiled with the input of reputable educators. The methodology takes into account both left and right brain development in stimulating effective listening, writing and reading skills.

With SAMI materials, your child can easily and quickly learn the skills required for academic success: how to memorise and recall facts, summarise work and identify key words, solve problems, approach exams, deal with exam stress and nurture a healthy self-image.

Over the years SAMI has assisted thousands of learners to develop the required skills, and many of these learners have increased their performance dramatically. They have built up a solid track record with testimonials to support their claim.


“What they can’t read will hurt them”

- Elizabeth J Pretorius


Why South African children underachieve in reading and mathematics.

- Judith O’Connell


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